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Co-authors required for IPE Real Estate magazine

You may have noticed that the SPR has contributed a number of articles to the IPE Real Estate magazine in recent months. This long-established publication provides detailed articles on industry topics and so lends itself to contributions from property researchers. We are therefore asking our members if they are interested in co-writing an article with an SPR committee member.

The articles should be research-based and are not a forum for business promotion (any such wording will be removed by IPE Real Estate) and are approximately 1,000 words in length.

If you are interested please contact Vanessa Muscara for further details. Please do not submit any completed articles before receiving confirmation from Vanessa. Do not contact IPE Real Estate directly. The SPR will liaise with IPE Real Estate to determine the suitability of the topic, but IPE Real Estate will have the final say on all submissions.  

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