President and Fellows


Robin Goodchild
Andrew Smith


Past Presidents

2001 - 2007
Dr Paul McNamara OBE
Paul McNamara
2007 - 2014
Dr Robin Goodchild




During the Tenth Anniversary Conference in June 1997, Prof. David Cadman and Dr Russell Schiller were admitted as Honorary Fellows of the Society of Property Researchers. This was the first occasion the Society had made such an award. Further awards have been made at subsequent Society's AGMs.

Fellowship of the SPR is the highest honour in the Society's gift to bestow. Recipients will be exceptional individuals who are from time to time judged in the opinion of the Committee to have made an outstanding, and probably life-long, contribution to our discipline or to the Society.

The Society has no current plans to introduce any additional grades of membership, either through service or examination.

Russell Schiller
Peter Evans
Ian Cullen
Ian Cullen
Rupert Nabarro
Paul McNamara
Christine Whitehead
Andrew Baum
Brian Waldy
Robin Goodchild
Colin Lizieri
Richard Barras
Rachael Unsworth
Gerry Blundell
Nick Tyrrell
Bryan MacGregor
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
Keith Steventon
Neil Crosby
Peter Damesick
Fiona Trott
Membership Secretary


Past Fellows

1997 - 2004
Dr Russell Schiller
1998 - 2009
Honor Chapman CBE
1999 - 2006
Dr Peter Evans
2011 - 2011
Nick Tyrrell
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