What role does flexible logistics play in the modern supply chain?

‘Flexible logistics’ or ‘warehousing as a service’ are terms being used more frequently in the property industry.

Occupiers, particularly retailers and logistics companies are under increasing pressure to meet the demands of the modern consumer for ever-faster and more frequent deliveries. Often this means occupying more logistics floorspace in order to process and fulfil customer requirements. Flexibility in the supply chain to be able to deal with these variable space requirements, which can also occur due to seasonal fluctuations in orders or political events, is now crucial to the bottom line. As such, the concept of on-demand warehouses, or online platforms offering warehouse space tailored specifically to the occupier’s requirements, has proved to be a potential solution to many occupiers. 

Whilst the UK has to date continued to favour the traditional leasing model, in the US and in some European countries, the concept is more established, with companies such as flowspace and FLEXE significantly expanding their offering, and, an increasing number of occupiers using the service to supplement existing warehouse space. 

At this event you will hear from the UK’s leading provider of flexible logistics space and gain an understanding of how large industrial developers and traditional brokerage firms are treating the topic.


Steve Sharman, Head of Research, Gerald Eve

Paul Hanley, Vice President, Market Officer, Prologis
Charlie Pool, CEO, Stowga
Julian Chambers, Head of Partnership Growth, Regus

This event is kindly hosted by Gerald Eve.

2/27/2020 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
GMT Standard Time
Gerald Eve 72 Welbeck Street London, W1G 0AY UNITED KINGDOM

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