Cleo Folkes
Property Overview Ltd

Cléo Folkes, a Dutch national, started Property Overview in late 2017, working in consultancy as well as providing property-related training courses. Cleo has over 25 years’ worth of property experience working for a variety of institutions such as chartered surveyors, independent institutions like IPD (now MSCI), a private equity firm and a Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Fund. Cleo has worked in a rich variety of roles, mainly focusing on research & strategy, but has also worked in capital raising, change management and business development. Current and previous market focus has been across asset classes and on a Global level as well as on a Pan-European, German, Dutch and UK-only basis.  She speaks fluent English, Dutch and German. Cléo holds an MA in Economic Geography and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).

Cleo previously spent nine years as Research Manager at St Martins, the global property-investment arm of the Kuwait Investment Authority, where she was responsible for global research and strategy, which encompassed overseeing house-views, quarterly reporting, producing the annual report, the investment process & associated risk including setting hurdle rates, performance calculation and analysis and bespoke in-depth research projects.